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ACG offers a wide array of services for a diverse client base. The services included are consultancy regarding legal, business, financial, education, work and other matters. We provide a systematic and clear approach to maximise success rates and to conduct your work efficiently.


Initially conduct a deep analysis  evaluating exactly what issue you have and your current circumstances.

 Only when we have a clear understanding of your issue do we match you to the relevant team specialised to help manufacture a client focused solution for your issue. Our job is not complete there as we will also ensure that the task is handled with care and efficiency from beginning to end, we demand excellence in our work.   

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Our services has no limits

ACG prides itself in a core philosophy that we transcend through all of our fields and services, which is that we believe in providing the most comprehensive consulting service to all of our clients. This is what separates us from other firms, ACG has a wide range of additional services that we can provide to all clients regardless of which form of consulting they require. For instance with our student applicants we guide them through career advice, to hospitality, to the culture of their chosen city to study in and much more. We do all this because we believe such big life choices are delicate and have deep value for the clients we seek to consult. 

We encourage our clients to inform us of any additional queries and difficulties they may be facing in their transition that may be somewhat out of our scope, because at ACG there is never a time we don.t want to go above and beyond.  

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