At Atlantik Consultancy Group (ACG) we are a collective of professionals 

About Us

Client Focused

We are Legal Experts, Academics and Business Specialists. Experience in different fields

empowers us to offer a unique service, ACG can provide comprehensive consultancy services to our clients that considers all variables and routes available.



To add true value a consultant must understand the needs of a client



ACG advisors have a very diligent attitude so clients can take comfort in their trust



Years of experience means that you the client can find a resolution in no time

At ACG we pride ourselves in finding a solution to any puzzle

remember the past

Since 1997

Decades of experience in the Legal sector gives us an encompassing understanding of the frameworks of law and how they interact with each other, therefore even though we ourselves are not a Law Firm, we can support and partner a client to specific Solicitors and Barristers. Our legal experts and specialists work together in order to find client-focused solutions and strategies for legal cases. ACG fosters experts from multidisciplinary fields resulting in a client’s query to be dealt with efficiently as they can take advantage of all our experience and network instead of going to a single lawyer with one area of knowledge.

communication is key

personal service

Achieve your goals with ACG

Our ACG Business Specialists can help set the grounding for a business from writing Business plans and forming a company to helping developed businesses in a more advanced stage of growth via strategy advice and marketing.


As with all our other areas of expertise, ACG ensures diligent and complete handling of all matters in which we consult on. Which is why if an individual eager to study in the UK via a student Visa was to require consultancy, we would help them through all stages such as guiding them to the right degree at the right institute, organising their required qualifications and paperwork and even finding the right accommodation for them during their time in the UK.


Learning About All Your Circumstances

Initially we do a deep analysis to evaluate exactly what issue you have and your circumstances

Pair You Up With The Perfect Team

Only when we have a clear understanding of your issue do we match you to the relevant team specialised to help manufacture a client focused solution for you

Quality Check Your Case

 Our job is not complete until we will also ensure that the task is handled with care and efficiency from beginning to end, we demand excellence in our  work
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